music and lyrics by Aidan Snyder

I flipped these broken switches
Without even knowing
And you kept your strong composure
Without even showing
You let it
Build up
Wait until you had enough
Waiting for the time bomb to explode
And it blew up
Through broken wires
Ignited eternal fires
That I had no words to put out

My mistakes
They were lessons in disguise
I couldn’t see
The angry flames within your eyes
Now I know
Now I know
Just what I did wrong
Now I know now I know
Oblivious for too damn long

I should’ve seen it coming
From a mile
One day I’ll finally notice
After a while
That this whole fire started
Because of me
And I’m sure that you know that’s not
Who I wanna be
And I took you for granted

Way too many pieces landed
When you blew everything away
Say the things we never said
Put these burning flames to rest

All Out In The Open

music and lyrics by Aidan Snyder

I love your loss of interest
I love your disregard
It’s going on two days straight
I love your pretty eyes
I love your pool of lies
It’s giving me the need to wait
But it’s killing me, burning me
All the way to the ground
And now finally, you can see
The damage you brought around

And these words may have a bias
But I won’t remain quiet
The story was already spoken
And it was all out in the open

No matter how hard you try to deny it
They still have a way to find it
My story was so unreal
Cuz there’s so much I didn’t reveal

And I’ve read all of your theories
I’ve heard all your assumptions
You think that he’s changed his mind
And I know it’s not my business
And I know it’s not my place
To make stories from the truth I find
But that’s who I am, what I do
It’s just my way of life
It’s your story from mine

There’s no time for me to be angry
I just gotta find some time to heal
Cuz everything’s been falling lately
And I don’t know what’s fake or real

And these wells, this water, they did the trick
They washed it off just like a tiny crumb
And everybody feels so dumb a
And it’s your fault
Your fault


music and lyrics by Aidan Snyder &
Ryan Kennedy

Winter days are gone
Sun has come bringing the light
End the fight, tears fall like rain
and wash away my stain

Here I fall
Fall like rain
Call my name
And save me
Here I stand
Long and wait
For you to come
and save me

Here I fall
Fall like rain
Call my name
and save me
Here I stand
I lost my way
So save me

Written words on a page
No idea what to say
Sing this song, to get through the day
and so my tears fall like rain


music and lyrics by Aidan Snyder

Ready for the unknown disaster
Cuz it’s gonna blow

Gonna keep it away from you cuz
You don’t need to know

Brought you in as a paperweight
Reciprocating everything we say

We don’t give a damn what you think
So just go away

Now we can’t stop now
We won’t stop now
We won’t wait another month
We’re gonna fly we’re gonna go.
We won’t stop until we’re done

Are you ready for what happens after
We let  you go?

You held on like a filthy crutch
Swallow us whole

We’ve got a broken man trying to control
Trying to to take the upper hand

He doesn’t understand how things work
He doesn’t understand where things land

We’ll strangle your words by the throat
We’ll pretend you never spoke

Get Me Out

music and lyrics by Aidan Snyder

It’s time to loosen up a bit
I’ve gotten tired of all this shit
I’ve locked myself up in this house
Too tired, too lazy to get out

I feel like a lone wolf in a cage
I’m trapped by all this fear and pain
I feel like I’m going insane
My life’s just pouring down the drain

Get me out, get me out, get me out of here
Show me some, show me some way out of here
This place is killing me
And every day I wait it’s getting harder to breathe

This room, these walls that keep me from
The outside, where I won’t feel alone
I gotta get out of here
Cuz this isn’t now I want things to end

I’ve spent to long in my comfort zone
I’ve spent too much time being alone
I have these scars of mental pain
They keep me from going insane

I feel these needles in my lungs
They won’t give up until they’re done
If someone finds me in this place
Maybe I’ll break out of this cage.

Spread So Thin

music and lyrics by Aidan Snyder

When we see them go out of sight
Do we give up without a fight?
Do we listen to what they say?
Do we quit and run away?

From sick animal to healthy machine
Just want some in between
It comes to show that we’re never free
from the standards of society

And this line we’ve put ourselves in
I refuse to spread so thin
I’m gonna make my own path

We won’t meet your expectations
We are the start of a new generation
We’ll stand our own

You had your thoughts buried in the ground
You were worried they’d shoot them down
The system says its dangerous
What’s the system gonna do to us?

Yeah we lost! But we’ll be back for more!
So get ready! We’re starting a war!
They’ll never see it coming
They don’t know what’s in store

So take your doubts and save your breath
I won’t be your favorite cast
I won’t be the contradiction that you see
Don’t go, don’t let’s start
Kickstart my rock and roll heart
Stop questioning what I wanna be