In the summer of of 2007, (at age 11) Lucas Johnston started playing guitar. In the school band he had already been playing Saxophone, so music wasn't foriegn to him. A couple years later, he learned to play the bass guitar as well. In his hometown of Hilton, NY, he attended music classes and studied music for most of his school career.

During his senior year of high school, Lucas formed a thrash metal band called Halcyon Insanity with a few local musicians. Halcyon Insanity released an album in July of 2015, before disbanding in March of 2016. Lucas was also a member of Spika (now dispanded) and is presently a member of Hojack (album forthcoming 2016) along with his father, Mike Johnston (of Rochester Rockshows) in whose footsteps Lucas has followed in forming his own promotions and booking company, Highland Booking & Promotions along with his friend Jay Pritty. 

After high school, he went on to study Music and Audio Recording at Finger Lakes Community College, where he met Aidan Snyder. As Pawner and Hojack played at and attended the same shows, and the two got to know each other at school, Aidan began to imagine a place in Pawner for Lucas and hoped for an opportunity to make it a reality.  

With Lucas and Aidan playing off of each other, Pawner's stage show has become more exciting and dynamic. Pawner expects to add a more permanent drummer this summer. In the meantime, they've been fortunate to have Nick Manka of A Vintage Year and Max Americana filling in. 

The three recorded Pawner's EP, Broken Switches, at the Finger Lakes Community College Studios with Lucas rewriting the bass parts, Nick altering the drum parts and Zane Knight recording, mixing and Mastering.

​Broken Switches will be released on July 8, 2016.
​Born in the UK and raised in Philadelphia, Rochester, NY & Stowe, VT, guitar player and vocalist, Aidan Snyder has been playing loud music in his basement for most of his life and is stoked to be playing it on stage. He has performed solo in various locations in Rochester and Vermont as well as at the Bluebird Cafe, the Hard Rock Cafe, Legend's Corner and even buskering on Broadway in Nashville, TN, all the while longing to form a band.

As luck would have it, at an Open Mic at the Cottage Hotel of Mendon, he was introduced by Rick Wahlers of the Boogiemen to bass player, Maggie Marion. They got together for a few jam sessions and before long, Pawner was formed. Pawner worked on some originals and covers by bands such as the Raconteurs, Foo Fighters, Green Day and Oasis and began the search for a third member to round out the sound.

After short-stints with a variety of drummers, Pawner put out a plea on social media for a like-minded musician. Good fortune smiled again, and former guitarist and vocalist of Neighborhood Fallout, Ryan Kennedy responded he wanted to pursue a longtime dream of playing drums. Pawner was ready for the Rochester music scene.   

Together, Aidan, Maggie & Ryan recorded three of Aidan's original songs for their self-produced Basement Demos CD. After establishing the band in local venues such as the California Brew Haus, Water Street Music Hall, Firehouse Saloon, Harmony House, Monty's Krown and the Bug Jar, Maggie & Ryan left the band in December of 2015.

Lucas Johnston, of Hojack and Halcyon Insanity joined the band in January 2016 and a new drummer is expected to be announced shortly.